Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anyone still read this?

If so, I'm over at Tumblr now:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have not had a diet coke today.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here's to 2008

It's interesting that my primary concern upon the eve of the new year is how to create a concoction to eradicate myself of a bottle of raspberry vodka. I had an initial resolution-type thought to attempt to cut back on booze. Haha. Hah. Hah. I saw something in one of the girly mags—Self, Shape, one of those—about how a person decided to work on her posture as a New Year's resolution. Perhaps I will aim for something like that. Helpful and achievable.

I'm hungry.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I had a tornado dream last night. All the Internet research I find says that dreaming of tornadoes means you have some sort of turmoil or volatile situation in your life. However, these theories all seem to be responding more or less to nightmares. Which didn't seem to be the case here. In my dream, an old friend and I were driving around in the car she had in high school (maroon Corolla) through sort of a mountainous and green area. And there were tornadoes developing all around. We were trying to avoid them and thought we needed to stop for cover until they blew over. We pulled up to a gas station type place and asked the attendant if we could use his basement (which seemed to be more of a TV/recreation room). The attendant did not seem to be aware of any tornado, nor did he care. He also had on overalls and a plaid shirt. He declined our request, so we shrugged and just kept going. My friend had to do some maneuvering to avoid the cyclones and we eventually made it back to her house. Where we took off our shoes. We never really seemed frightened at all by the tornadoes. I think I called my mom when I got there (but my mom was different in the dream than real life. Perhaps more of a "mom" especially because I called to tell her I wouldn't be home for dinner and my real life mom would never be making dinner). That was it. No cold sweats, no screaming, no sudden jerking awake. So does the tornado dream theory still hold up if it wasn't a nightmare situation?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Now that we have Facebook, I don't really have much fodder for this place anymore. Mostly cause all the details of my life are pretty much spelled out over there — via pictures from other people. Thank you to that childhood friend who found those class portraits from Junior High.

Hopefully Pags doesn't get excited and go hunt down pictures from college.

I'm going to ask Mike what to write about. Hang on ...


He says to write about how the cat puked all over the bed last night shortly after Mike awakened me with sounds of what I thought might be a sex dream — "oh yeah, MmmHmmm..." — but later found out was a dream about me being pregnant. Wtf? It was an interesting night. But made coffee a necessity this morning. Which I did not procure until around 11am. The horror. I had started growing horns.

I'm asking Mike to give me another topic. No one wants to read about cat puke and sex dreams and coffee deprivation induced monster horns. ...


He says to write about Thanksgiving. Oh that's exciting. No wonder he's not updating his blog either. We have plans to go bowling and eat Turkish food. A good plan. We did this last year and it was the best Thanksgiving ever. Until I threw my lamb leg at the belly dancer and punched the hostess in the face. Just kidding. I don't remember if there was a belly dancer.

OK, going for another topic. One more. Let's see what Mike says this time. ...



Not much I can say there.


Thanks Mike.